FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Here are response to a few questions you may have related to building awareness about Julio of Jackson Heights, the campaign and the need for funds. Please, feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have by using the contact page.


I really can’t help with money at this time, but I want to be a part of this. What other ways can I help?

Any and all support is greatly welcome! Posting and reposting about the film on social media is always great as it increases the network of people interested in the film. Here is a tiny url to share if you want friends to know about this site: http://tiny.cc/ioacby

If you know of or are involved with educational institutions or other non-profits groups that might be interested in hosting a screening of the film, putting them in touch or arranging for a screening would be fantastic. If you are connected to a local film festival and want them to consider screening the film, too, as festivals help build the film’s profile with the general public.

Any thoughts that could help with building curriculum around the film are very much appreciated as well. Please, if you have your own ideas about becoming a part of this, do not hesitate to contact.


Why aren’t you doing this through a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

I actually did two campaigns through these pages back in 2011 and 2012 when I was in production with the film and this covered about 20% of the costs of the film, but overall I was not happy with these platforms and I don’t think they were worth the costs in my case. I would rather contact people directly since the film already has a (growing!) support list of over 500 people.

This time I am accepting contributions through Network for Good, with my good friends BAAD! Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance a 501(c)3 serving as a fiscal conduit.


Why are there still post-production costs if the film has started screening already?

Fortunately, the team carrying out all the post-production work (including color correction, sound balance, titling of the film) is very committed to this work and so I only had to cover some initial costs and there is still money to be paid. Also, the version that was prepared for the Queens World Film Festival – though it was very good quality – was not final and work still needs to be done for future screenings, particularly if the film is to be shown on larger screens.


Why do you need to focus on film festivals if your ultimate goal is educational institutions and community organizing?

For independent films (and this is a very independent film) festivals are the platform for getting people aware of the work. When a film plays at a festival in Baltimore or Denver or Portland, to offer a few examples, it creates an opportunity to reach out to universities and LGBTQ groups in those cities, and it also means more press which create even more opportunities and spur discussion around the issues that the film is concerned with.


What is the breakdown of the $ 39,500 needed for the campaign?

$ 4,000 – goes to the subtitling in Spanish and a short DVD run.

$12,500 – is the total for the rest of the post-production costs.

$ 5,000 – will pay for a much better webpage and a trailer.

$ 4,000 – will cover developing materials for public relations / press.

$ 2,000 – is to help with costs for making presentations at schools and universities

$12,000 – for developing materials to help educators use the film at the university and high school levels, which will include an extra DVD with supplementary materials that are not included in the film.


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